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Personal Testimonies

Dan’s Testimony

I believe I was born-again as a young child. Growing up in churches in northern Illinois, I had heard and understood the Good News of Jesus Christ. I distinctly remember having awareness of my own sinful acts and of the penalty for my sin. I knew that redemption from sin’s eternal punishment came only through the cross work of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, I have enjoyed a clear memory of my salvation. As a young boy of 11 years, I was convicted of my need for baptism and was baptized to demonstrate my obedience to the commands of Scripture and to identify myself as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

After entering college, the Lord began to press home the importance of faithfully serving Him. While full-time ministry was not my goal in undergrad, the Lord slowly changed my thinking through many circumstances. After sitting out of college for a few years after undergrad, I began training for ministry as a part-time graduate student. Those years of personal development, theological maturation, and ministry exposure prepared me for the ministry the Lord has called me to today.

Angie’s Testimony

I was born and reared in southeastern Wisconsin in a nominal Catholic home. However, the Lord was gracious in sending my father’s youngest brother to invite the family to come to his Baptist church. Shortly thereafter, both of my parents came to know the Lord, and I began seeing great changes in my parents’ actions and attitudes. One night after church, I asked my dad to tell me what these things meant and how to be saved. And at the age of 8, I realized my sin and need of a Savior and accepted the Lord that night. I was soon after baptized by immersion.

I have always had a desire to be in ministry, but I never thought I would end up going to another continent for cross-cultural ministry. But the Lord has told us to be willing to lose our life to gain it, and as He left His heavenly home, to be willing to go to a new place and serve Him. In time, I accepted the challenge to serve the Lord wherever He would lead. As we look at God’s grace in our lives now, the Lord has truly directed our steps to His place for us.

Now, as a mother, my main responsibilities are taking care of the family while helping Dan rear our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Of course, when opportunities arise, I teach Sunday school, minister in music in churches and training ministries, and serve wherever help is needed. My years spent in a faithful church nurtured by godly parents who developed my skills to serve Him have borne much fruit as I have many opportunities to spread the fame of His name. We long to praise the name of our Savior and to make His name known among the millions who do not know Him in East Africa.